Digital Footprint!

When I googled myself most of the things i found were about my cousin who is also named Emily Motes. She is on the Grissom cross country and trck team so there is a lot of info about her running. I found one thing about me though, which was from when I played Whitesburg volleyball.

Bieber Fever!!

Ever since i saw the never say never movie i have had the fever!!!! I just cant stop thinkin bout him!! I mean look at how cool he is haha!!!!!!! Also i realllyy want to the one less lonly girl at one of his concerts!! I lovee himm!! <3jb


I think they named the movie after the poem because the whole poem just talks about being unafarid and pushing on and thats really what this movie is about. How the rugby teams perserveared even if mabe it was a little overwhelming at times. Also how Mandela wanted his country to be together and how much courage that took to try and make that happen.

King vs. Mandela

MLK and Mandela had lots of  similar struggles. They were both black and even though they lived very far away from each other they both struggled with wanting to be free. Free from the apartheid that seperated there countries. They were both looking out for there people rather than themselves. They fought couragously for freedom for all there people.

       They were also different in some ways too. MLK was from Atlanta, Georgia and Mandela was from South Africa. Mandela as a kid thought he was free and life was good until he grew up. MLK grew up in a segragated enviroment and felt the affacts of that his whole life, from going to differant schools to drinking at differant water fountains. They may have grown up differantly but once they had grown up they both fought for the people they loved.

Heroic Person!

firefightersPeople in modern times that are heroic are firefighters. These men and women go out everyday and risk their lives to sve other peoples. Not only do they help people in fires but they also can help with car crashes. They do it for little or no money and they help people in times of distress. In my book these people are very heroic because of  how they risk there own lives to save others.

Last Blog Entry for Mystery Book!

The End of the book was very interesing. The next day Abbie came to Mrs. Merkel’s house and found she had been attacked! They rushed Mrs. Merkel to the hospital and she was in a coma for a long time. Meanwhile Abbie was trying to find out who tried to kill Mrs. Merkel. After she had found several leads but couldn’t piece them all together she took a look at Mrs. Merkel’s journal she had been keeping notes in and she found that Mrs. Merkel suspected a woman to have killed a head banker there in town. That was the hint she needed she put all the clues together and discovered it was that woman and turns out the police had been examing her too. When Abbie caught up to there the police were to back her up. When Mrs. Merkel came out of coma. Abbie told her all about and as Abbie expected she complained about how she diserved the crdit, but Abbie was ok with it. She had finally learned how to accept Mrs. Merkel’s grouchiness. So Abbie visited her in the hospital all the time and taught Mrs. Merkel how to write mysery novels, which Mrs. Merkel enjoyed very much. This book was great I loved how it was so interesting until the very end. It also had a very good ending. The ending was kind of surprising beacause towards the middle of the book I would have never thought it would have been the person who actually did it. I would definatly reccomend this to other people it it keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Even More Mystery Book!!

While talking about the con artists the officer talks about a program she wants to start in Buckler where senior citizens help protect other senior citizens from con artists. Mrs. Merkel takes this program very seriously. So the next day when Abbie is supposed to be off Mrs. Merkel tells her to come over and they end up catching two roofers that are scams. Then later that day while on the way to the police station to file the report Mrs. Merkel discovers another con artist and the police catch him too. Then Abbir finds out her best friend is going to be on the friend to friend with her, and she is very happy. So they go to a meeting for the friend to friend together. Meanwhile Abbie has been having bad family problems, her brother is mad at everyone, her father is being a jerk, and her mother is very depressed. But Abbie continues to visit Mrs. Merkel, and the next time she visits her they go to this coffe shop to look out for something Abbie didn’t know about, apparently some HUGE case Mrs. Merkel was working on. On there way out, though, a gray van, the one of a person who they had ratted on came speeding toward then and was headed straight toward them!!

More Mystery Book!

Even though she didn’t want to Abbie left to to go meet her assignment. When she got to the door she heard a voice say “get off my porch.” She tried to explain that someone had sent her there but the lady just threatened to shoot. So abbie started to run, but then the woman yelled again. She had relized that abbie had mentioned something about driving her anywhere she wanted to go. So she yelled for abbie to come back, abbie came and they started to talk. The old woman, or mrs. merkel as abbie found out,  was very rude and annoying, it took a lot of paitence fo abbie not to blow. Soon enough though they were on there way to Mrs. Merkel’s book club. When they got there Abbie met all of the people in the book club. Mrs. Merkel wasn’t really friends with any of them  because she was very nasty to them. At the book club they had a guest speaker, a police officer, come talk to them about how elderly people are now the target of the con artists.

Mystery Book!

So far my mystery book is ver interesting. There is a girl, and her dad and mom have just gotten a divorce. She believes her dad has left them because he doesn’t want them anymore. Then he starts dating some blonde younger women and she is furious! So one night she goes over there to that ladies apartment and sees her dad and that lady walk out, and then they kiss, and she is so angry!! She throws a rock through the window of the apartment. Then the police come and she has to go to court. The judge says she has to do this program where she visits an elderly lady everyday and drives her places or goes to jail. She picks the program, so the next day she gets her assignment. Then she drives too meet the lady she will be helping out………..